Our Journey… Mann The Palm Retreat

It takes good 9 months to make a baby. And it took the best 9 years to make ‘Mann The Palm Retreat’. Such was the labour and dedication while giving birth to this concrete mastered amalgamation of nature, culture & prestigious heritage. Our uniqueness lies in the unrivalled fact that it’s beauty is immemorial as well as recent at the same time.

Established in the year 2019, we are the provider of resort accommodation, offering tailored bookings, functions and services as per your interests. We are committed to providing our guests with memorable journeys inspired by exquisite Indian, European, Chinese and English flair in one. We believe life should be lived with stylish fusions.

The strength and success of the brand ‘Mann The Palm Retreat’ would lie in its exclusivity and individuality. We believe, and at the same time hope that ‘Mann The Palm Retreat’ would satisfy the expectations of the discerning travellers. It’s not just to simply provide a hotel bed and a meal; it’s all about bringing a story to life. Our avant-garde fusion architecture is the setting for some of life’s greatest moments.

Our aim is to witness meetings between world leaders, celebrities taking sanctuary in the world of privacy that we would create for them, and to create incredible memories for guests on a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ journey. Our determination for nature friendliness and health can be noticed in our choice of organic and Eco-friendly items, right from utensils to handmade furniture’s and the overall construction. Our commitment is to provide perfection for our guests at every moment and in every way. Be it something as life-changing as a wedding celebration, where our attention to detail and perfect service mean that your special day goes without a hitch. Or be it as simple as the note left on your pillow at night, which thoughtfully lets you know the weather tomorrow; so you know how to dress in the morning.

See you soon…


Ideal Place For Nature Lovers

A Refreshing Escapade For Body, Mind & Soul

Luxury Of Enjoying Peaceful Sunrises & Sunsets Amdist The Birds & Peacock Santuary

Zero Percent Air Pollution & Noise Pollution

100% Oxygen Breathing Zone

Revitalise Your Lungs, Heart & Body Organs With Natures’ Environment

Ideal Location For T.V / Movies Shooting, Wedding And Other Celebrations As Well As For Personal Stays

All Inclusive

We provide the best value to our customers by continuously refining our processes and cost structure.

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